Pre- USDA comment, Corn Wheat
Alan R. Palmer of Walsh Trading - - Thu Oct 12, 3:00PM CDT

Corn- If users of corn, crushers, grinders are looking to lock in low corn prices I have a few levels into USDA. This has happened before into reports and I can explain how sometimes this seems to be the least risky time to play. In front of numbers. Funds selling wheat aggressively. I would not advise short hedging on this falling knife price action if playing long term, say 6 months or longer.

Long term Macro speaking I like buying inflationary themes and here into a well-advertised bumper crops. It always appears counter trend but an explanation here is needed also.

Best of luck and always use a tight risk stop. Were either right and catch turn or stopped out with small loss. See right column of corn chart for levels. I really like $3.33 1st time down.

Oats also have broken out in day 1 of the next bull market in my opinion.

Corn pre USDA101217- DEC CORN- ORANGE, THIN OLIVE AND THICK OLIVE LINE are buy levels 1st time down.

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